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What is a liquid diet?

The Liquid Diet – Natural, Whole Food,
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I feel fairly sure that many of you are looking for a great way to improve health and lose excess weight?

In my case in 2012 I did need to lose more than a few pounds.
I was 16 stone  and my BMI had crept into the low 30’s.

liquid diet_1I am Michael Goodman, 47 year old father
of two wonderful children and founder of, and back in 2012 I had
assumed it was completely normal for a men and
women to gain fat around their waistlines.


Then in February 2013 something happened to make me question my assumptions.

For me the turning point was that I had lost all trust in the manufacturers and producers of processed and mass produced foods.

If you recall we were in the midst of a food crisis. I am of course referring to the Horse Meat Scandal.

I live and work in the UK and in late 2012 many of our major brand supermarkets were admitting that they had been mislead and in turn had mislead us about the content and security of their food.

I wasn’t the first time that a food scandal had hit the headlines, but this time it was a turning point for me in my personal journey toward better health and weight loss.

The lack of trust had reset my thinking on the whole issue of food composition and made me wonder what ingredients were in processed foods that could have caused me to gain excess weight and made my belly so fat.

It is important to point out that at this time in my life I was very busy at work and at home and so I had fallen into the habit of eating take-away food and processed ready meals 5 times a week. I only cooked freshly prepared meals at the weekend.

food-diary_350Fortunately I have always been a really big fan of my ‘food diary’ so I gathered plenty of real data about the composition and quantity of foods I ate over a long period of time.


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When I examined the make-up of my diet over a fairly typical week nothing stood out as being particularly bad according to what I knew about healthy eating. Apart from the take-away meals that is!

So why was I so fat and unhealthy?

I was eating my 5 a day, fruit and vegetables. My diet did contain whole grains, meat, eggs and fish.

"Following a period of intensive research from many reputable sources I concluded that I ate far too many 'starches' in my diet as a whole. I was also inadvertently consuming trans-fats in ready meals".

From this point in March 2013 I decided to make every effort to consume far more non-starchy vegetables and low GI fruits in my diet. 

Whole Foods Diet Plan

The only slight alteration I made to my exercise programme was that I introduced some strength training once a week for 30 minutes.

WOW – was I amazed, within 6 weeks I’d lost almost a stone in weight

So I had discovered a real, completely natural way to lose weight without spending any extra money on food, in fact I spent less money.

There was just one downside and that was the amount of time I needed to spend preparing and cooking these natural whole foods.

Most days I could cope but when I got really busy again I began to wonder if it was possible to get all of these great benefits but in a faster way and also make my new diet portable.

I like a challenge I thought. Not much to ask? it’s not rocket science surely?


Liquid Diet Ideas

I couldn’t envisage a way to make broccoli or cabbage palatable in their raw form, but I did know from my research that combining certain fruits and vegetables with beneficial whole foods and healthy fats could provide a solution.

Quite literally a solution Liquid Diet Ideas

“Juices and Smoothies for Liquid Diets”


What is a liquid diet?

what is a liquid diet - fruit and vegetable smoothies


Whole Foods Diet Plan -

Liquid diet recipes to lose weight

Eventually my team and I perfected recipes for a liquid diet that:

Can Increase your energy levels

Prevent your food cravings and hunger between meals

Are inexpensive to make from everyday common ingredients

Are made of ingredients that stored easily and transported well.


What to eat on a liquid diet

Green smoothies containing avocado are particularly effective at satiating hunger as are breakfast smoothies that contain berries and oats.

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I have since made it my mission to spread the word about my success and I sincerely hope that my story and the free resources I provide will help you achieve a similar level of success for yourself.


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