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About the Liquid Diet Plan

Liquid diet plan for Weight-loss liquid diet weight loss recipes

Hello I'm Michael Goodman and after spending 25 years
in my restaurant kitchen I can tell you a thing or two
about food. liquid diet weight loss recipes

I absolutely love all kinds of food and have been
fortunate to taste some of the world’s 
greatest freshly
prepared dishes.

Tasting all those amazing foods was enjoyable but did have one negative
side effect . . . 

. . . weight gain. 


At the tender age of 46 I had found myself in a really bad place ...
... a combination of late nights long hours stress and poor food choices
had taken its toll on my health; and my ballooning waistline was a more
obvious outer sign of the serious decline in heath and well-being.

At one point I was over 16 stone and I’m not a very tall guy!

But by far the worst thing was that all these problems impacted
mostly on my family and almost deprived my
of their father.


My Daughter Kate: -)

My relationship was also in the tank . . .  but thankfully one day
while I was researching recipes for my business I became aware
that food could indeed be a salvation to my health.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

― Hippocrates

So what did I change?

When you reach rock bottom a single ray of sunshine can transform
your journey.

The first domino to fall in a domino rally!  

For me that was a realisation of the power of Natural Whole Foods.

Following a period of intensive research, I decided to make every effort to consume far more natural whole foods and healthy oils and here's why:

My research uncovered some surprising and amazing facts.

" I found out that our body's do react very differently to certain foods. Some foods are very damaging to our weight-loss efforts and others very helpful for our entire body, health and weight-loss". liquid diet weight loss recipes

This new information formed the basis of my new diet.

"WOW – was I amazed, within 6 weeks I’d lost almost a stone in weight"

Whole Foods Diet Plan

So I had discovered a real, completely natural way to lose weight without spending vast amounts of money.

But wait. . .there was a problem!

The downside was the vast amount of time

needed to prepare and cook these

natural whole foods.

After a hard day looking after customers the last thing

I wanted to do was cook!

The Answer . . .

After several months of trials  . . .

. . .  my team an I captured this exact weight-loss formula

into the Liquid diet plan for weight-loss

How can this benefit YOU?

the liquid diet plan

your simple path to

lasting weight-loss results


Having spent a quarter of a century in the food business
I created 
a system based on sound knowledge
and nutritional science. liquid diet weight loss recipes

I have done all the hard work . . .

so you don't have to!

My team and I have created a liquid diet plan that
works for ordinary men and women.

The liquid diet plan recipes are:

-  simple and FAST to make
-  use inexpensive ingredients
-  combat hunger and food cravings

Get the healthy body you deserve

A healthy future for you and your family

-  abundant energy
-  amazing hair and skin
-  improved health and well-being

Liquid diet plan

Actual - Results

Liquid diet plan

Typical - Results


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Michael Goodman

Infomedia Publishing

Hi Michael ... I have always struggled with keeping to a diet so I am happy to use your plan as it helps keep me motivated and on track. Some really varied and tasty recipes too thanks. I already have a couple of your books but thought that the simple videos were just what I needed to see how the recipes are put together. Thank you Michael keep up the good work. x A

Anne Stevens

Hi I'm June, Michael asked me to try out the programme for the new launch...I am a lady who needs to lose some weight I am not able to be very active so I'm a challenge!

I was happy to be asked to help Michael so that I could help others to lose weight. I have a wedding coming up and so am glad to find people to help me reach my goal and fit into my new dress.

I have began well losing 1 stone 1 pound in 4 weeks, I follow along on my iPad in the kitchen very useful.


Today Just $27



Michael Goodman

Infomedia Publishing


60 Day Money back guarantee.
If you don not think that the product purchased offers good value for money,
we promise to refund you your money.

Yours Sincerely 

Michael Goodman

CEO The Liquid Diet Plan


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