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Natural, whole food, 

weight-loss recipes

Great liquid diet results

Liquid Diet Recipes

Liquid diet plan recipes are based upon simple and inexpensive ingredients, and healthy optional premium foods formulated for fast and effective weight loss and great liquid diet results.

Fast, Effective, Simple Recipe Ideas 

Liquid diet weight loss recipes


liquid diet plan free recipes weight-loss replacement meal programme

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What are the benefits of the liquid diet plan?

Easy to stick to diet plan

Quick to make

No more hunger

Great tasting simple recipes

Blend pour & enjoy

There is growing scientific and medical evidence that consuming a range of Natural Whole Foods in your diet can help you decrease cholesterol, lower blood pressure, lose weight, and shed stomach fat. Enjoy liquid diet recipes, 

Healthy Smoothie Recipes that can help you to achieve Weight LossInterested? Then the “liquid diet plan
is definitely for you.

We aim to help you to understand what foods are helpful to you in your quest for healthy lifelong weight loss. Explain how you can incorporate powerful combinations of these life giving energy rich foods, for fast effective results, and deliver nutritionally balanced meal replacement ideas from our liquid diet recipes.

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Do you want to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way? To find out about liquid diet foods and healthy weight loss from the liquid diet plan click here


Liquid Diet Plan Review

I tried the website for 21 days and I found it beneficial in many ways I did not expect, I did lose over a stone in weight which amazed me. Drinking meal replacement from the liquid diet plan with the liquid diet plans moothies and juices was easy and the tasty drinks helped me to get thinner an my belly fat was less.


Liquid Diet Recipes the healthy liquid diet for weight lose the liquid diet for weight lose

The thing that surprised me most was how much my tastes changed…I was doing my usual jog one evening and found myself craving a green juice! the liquid diet for weight lose did well for me

Amazing liquid diets that work, Jenny Hill, West Sussex best-liquid-diet ideas i love liquid diet plan recipes

Great liquid diet results

Best liquid diet ideas

what is a liquid diet ideas for consistent weight loss for ordinary men and women Best liquid diet ideas

do liquid diets work? detox diets

liquid diet plan

Why smoothie dieting for weight loss has worked for me…

I loved these liquid shakes from michael’s liquid diet plan recipes they made me feel great and flattened my tum.

I had weight-loss in 6 weeks with this plan from Michael I needed to lose a stone for a special occasion and i made it and it was easy to follow

Hi Michael I’m Jane I love the new members only content on your site thanks so much for the invitation to join

I saw you on Dr. OZ last week wow you looked really ripped what’s the secret…i am 50 next year and am inspired by you the liquid diet plan recipes rock

I have downloaded the programme you suggested and am losing my fat now off my belly hips and thighs too its great thanks

This is not a liquid detox diet but does have a 14 day clean state to help with food cravings

Yes we do have a one week diet drinks option that you can try free of charge – liquid diet plan/free

I have had good results for weightloss using this website and jennifer hudson one but here they have the free weight loss calculator and height weight chart to help you

I don’t like the green tea option so the juicer recipes weight loss was better for me using best fruit including best weightloss foods

weight loss motivation - liquid diet plan recipes

I have just tried the best diet ever, the good liquid diet foods for weight loss, I chose the 7 days 7 ways meal replacement plan as I liked the idea that the free recipes gave me, I did most of the drinks myself using the downloaded recipes from Michael Goodmans website, I have now decided to buy one of his recipe books, seems only fair.

Holly x

This system is the best way to lose my fat, my belly hips gluter and thighs are toned, I am never hungry and the blends are so amazing, thank you Michael x Fiona

smoothie recipes for weight loss  - liquid diet plan recipes

This recipe system for Healthy Smoothie diet smoothies is a fantastic new idea, non of the usual low calorie junk either.

healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss

this plan has blown me away, i have lost 3 stone in weight in 3 and a half months and highly recommend it to anyone, my wife has now joined in and has also lost her first 10 pounds.

Yours Robert Gill. (London)

liquid diet recipes – at the liquid diet plan website

Top liquid-diet-recipes and gtrat vegetable juice recipes for me to lose my belly with

Liquid Diet Results from liquid diet plan

I just wanted to thank your team for not giving up on me. I have carried a lot of weight for 10 years and did not ever expect to lose any. I found the education and training you gave to me very valuable indeed.

June Thomson

I thought the videos and audio podcasts you gave to me were very helpful thank you. Mika

I likes the green ones best, i need to have more natural diet i eat too many fast food, so like the drinking liquid green juice. send me more liquid diet plan recipe ideas please michael

Liquid diet plans

Comments on height weight chart

This is a great free resource from this website download the height weight chart here

“I prefer the green ones best, i need to have more natural diet i eat too many fast food, so like the drinking liquid green juice”.

weight converter

“I just tried your smoothie diet, the breakfast smoothie one is totally the best i’ve had to date. Thanks Bill Burgess”.

The simple step-by-step and how to guides make this diet very easy for me to follow along to.

“A unique, well designed healthy diet system that I have recommended to my friends and my family”.

“fab flat belly diet drinks really worked for me”.

The liquid diet plan

“ this is a low carb paleo diet but in liquid form so no spending hours at the stove cookin ”.

Totally awesome green smoothie recipe, thx guys and berry smoothie recipe to die for better than Jamba Juice

healthy weight

I wanted to lose weight for a wedding and dress and did with green smoothie diet i thinks it is a beautiful xx

I needed to know how to have a flat tummy and Michael’s new e-book and dvd video series were brilliant

healthy weight range

“I am totally glowing…big life changing experience, thank you so much” Liz from Idaho

With my holiday coming i wanted to look thin slim and toned on the beach in my bikini so my flat tummy is now back with this drinking diet juices each day for 30 days from the liquid diet plan for weight loss

pregnancy weight gain

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